Guardians Of The Galaxy ll_Next Stop, Willoughby

Hello again from beautiful central Oregon! Lots of cool stuff happening as we look ahead towards the summer. After a really nice swing through Connecticut, NY, Pennsylvania and Ohio, I now head to Missouri for the weekend. The huge news is that while I was out on the road, I was informed that “Wham Bam” by Silver was selected to the soundtrack for Guardians Of The Galaxy ll. I sang that song back in 1976 with Clive Davis and Tom Sellers producing. It was a song the record company made us record and it peaked out nationally at #16. Silver made one really good album but was forced to break up after touring nationally with America, Doobie Brothers, Hall and Oats to name a few. Arista Records president, Clive Davis did not like our new material and we didn’t like his suggested songs so that was that. 41 years later it is in the blockbuster movie Guardians Of The Galaxy ll and now has over 1,000,000 hits on Youtube. See the link below.

This is perfect timing to promote my new CD, Next Stop, Willoughby. I have hired a top LA PR firm, Jensen Communications to help ride the wave of the success of the hit movie.

I head out to Missouri for the weekend and hope to see you out there! You can visit my tour schedule for this weekend and beyond on the link below.


Thanks so much for the support! John

Wham Bam By Silver Is Featured In The New Guardians Of The Galaxy ll Soundtrack.

There are so many bad redos of the hit Wham Bam on Youtube claiming to be Silver. All of the original recordings were taken down and now I know why. This Silver hit Wham Bam appears in the movie below. The original Silver hit was sung by John Batdorf with BGs by Brent Mydland and Greg Collier. We originally started as a trio but later added Harry Stinson on drums and Tom Leadon on the bass. We got caught up in managerial/record company politics and only made one album unfortunately as the band was really good. I am completely surprised but extremely thrilled to be a part of this movie.