Touring Through 2024

I am just sitting here reflecting on the mini music tour Melanie and I just went on starting in the Midwest and ending on the East coast. First of all, I want to thank all the wonderful hosts for supporting my music with a concert and doing everything they could to entertain us when the shows were done. It’s nice to get back in front of people and perform again however, the Pandemic took it’s toll on the audiences and many venues that just couldn’t survive. There are still many people that are not willing to come to shows because of the potential health risks and who can blame them. I am also not a big fan of traveling coast to coast as the flights are crowded, most of the affordable hotels are 2 stars or less and nothing else has gotten cheaper. Performing is always pretty great but it doesn’t take long for me to just wanna be home in this wonderful place we live in, Central Oregon.

I am currently booking shows for next year and have some East Coast shows coming together in April and a performance in early May in Southern California at Russ and Julie’s House Concert series which is one of the best! I think after all these years of performing the US and Canada, I will just be doing shows in and around the West Coast that I can drive to and take several guitars with me.

Having said all that, if you’d like to host a show next year, now is the time. I am sharing a few songs on the links below.

Thanks for all the decades of support.

John Batdorf

Good Music Never Goes Away

Famous Enough