Wham Bam By Silver Is Featured In The New Guardians Of The Galaxy ll Soundtrack.

There are so many bad redos of the hit Wham Bam on Youtube claiming to be Silver. All of the original recordings were taken down and now I know why. This Silver hit Wham Bam appears in the movie below. The original Silver hit was sung by John Batdorf with BGs by Brent Mydland and Greg Collier. We originally started as a trio but later added Harry Stinson on drums and Tom Leadon on the bass. We got caught up in managerial/record company politics and only made one album unfortunately as the band was really good. I am completely surprised but extremely thrilled to be a part of this movie.








  • Matt Cates says:

    A beautifully sung, catchy tune! So fun and an incredibly interesting fit into this sci-fi movie. Thanks to Marvel and James Gunn, I suddenly have a new favorite song, and my 8 year old son loves it too! Of course he has no idea what it is talking about… but he knows it’s fun to sing together with his dad, so we’re bonding over a Silver blast from the past! Thanks!

    • John Batdorf says:

      Thanks for sharing that story Matt. I was in Salt Lake City three days ago and I played Wham Bam in my set. At the end of the show three ladies in their 50s came up to me and with tongue firmly in cheek asked what Wham Bam Shang-a-Lang meant. I told them they needed to ask their parents! Ha ha

  • Michael Di Cera says:

    I always loved that song. I even played it in my band, but we learned it in F#maj7. I noticed you doing it solo in Fmaj7. Interesting to know that a country music composer wrote it because there’s nothing country about it. Great song.

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