Things Are Looking Up!

Well I am happy to report that after a few scary months and a month of treatments, I got a clean bill of health for now and have been cleared to travel and perform again……oh yeah, and play Pickleball. At 70, I guess that’s just something we have to deal periodically with and just hope for the best! Big props to the doc and his plan of attack!!! I will be monitored for quite a while just to make sure that does not return but for now, how’s about a big fat Woo Hoo!

On the new music front, my newest song written and recorded during my health crisis, “I’ll Let Roy’s Song Carry Me Home” is done with recording and mixing and is off to mastering. I hope to release it in the next week or so. The new song was co-written with Michael McLean as he is going thru his own health issues. This getting old thing is definitely not for sissies but we forge ahead. The song his about a guy facing his own uncertain future and is filled with humor, sadness and acceptance of what is coming.

I have hired great talent as usual to make this the best recording it can be. Michael Dowdle supplied the Mandolin and Electric Guitars, Billy Batstone sang BGs with me and Scott Foxx played the fiddle. The mastering engineer again will be Kevin Bartley. The music is pretty “country” coming from a guy like me but we write what comes. We kind of looked like this might be our “Happy Trails” song but hopefully, that won’t be the case!!

Like almost all of my other projects, this project depends heavily on crowd funding and if you’d like to help like so many already have, just click on the link below.

Thank you for the years of support,

John Batdorf