I posted this to Facebook and I apologize for getting to you all a little late, but life has suddenly become very hectic.

From FB September 8:

Well today was the day we were supposed to leave on a little tour starting in Ohio and ending up in Rhode Island but the fun will just have to wait. I have an urgent health issue that needs to be addressed ASAP which prevents me from traveling. I was so looking forward to the “normalcy” of touring and playing music live again but like Lennon once said, “Life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans”. Here’s to a healthy and happy 2023.


Follow up statement:


Just an update, I feel and have felt great all along which has been fantastic. I am walking 4 to 5 miles a day. My clotting issue has improved due to the Prednisone, yuck, I have been taking and the use of monoclonal antibodies via infusions are supposed to eradicate the culprit causing this issue so life can hopefully go back to the way it was.




After the original shock, it took a few days to absorb the reality of what was happening but I decided to go back into my studio and try and create something inspired by the news and a new song came. The new song co-written with Michael McLean is entitled “I’ll Let Roy’s Song Carry Me Home”. It’s a reflection of what’s happening now and is filled with every emotion I am experiencing and of course, there’s humor in there as well. It was so great getting lost in the creative process about a week into recording, and now I am ready to hire some outside talent to finish off the music and vocals. The next process will be to mix the song, get it mastered, get it into digital distribution and promote the heck out of it.


This is where hopefully you can help. Like all of my projects since 2004, I have relied on support from those who are willing to help make the financial burden not be such a burden. Any contribution you can make would be greatly appreciated. All the costs per song for the above mentioned expenses normally runs about $2000-$2500 per song when it’s all said and done. All the support from the past has been greatly appreciated and I can’t thank you all enough!!


If interested, you can help by clicking on the link below. Any and all donations are great and you will receive the finished product the day I get it.


Thanks again for all the years of support!


John Batdorf


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