Old Man Dreamin’ In A Young Mans’ World

My new solo CD, “Old Man Dreamin’ in a Young Mans’ World” is weeks away from being “mix ready” and I need some help. The state of the economy forced me to be creative and I have asked supporters of my music to help financially in the making of this CD. The troops have rallied behind the idea and several have jumped in and contributed but I am still well short of my goal. I really felt funny about asking and last year did try to get a government grant but music doesn’t appear to be high on the governments’ priority list and I was turned down. I figured that if all the fans who were going to buy my new CD after it was released, paid in advance and threw in whatever extra monies they could afford, I could make this CD the way it should be made. I had a few choices. 1. Not make the CD at all. 2. Make a cheaply produced scaled down CD or…….. 3. Ask for help. I was just on a weekend road trip to Phoenix and my brother-in-law Steve was with me and we filled up the time listening to the “work mixes” of my CD and also enjoyed listening to CDs by Lowen and Navarro, Berkley Hart. As we were listening I thought, this independent music must get made otherwise all we have is what the big guys want us to hear. I come from the era where there was so much new and exciting music released that probably wouldn’t see the light of day in todays’ market! I am still well short of my goal and if anyone reading this would be kind enough to help out, please click on the link below. I am so certain that once you hear the finished product you will be thrilled, but if by chance you are not, I will refund every dollar that you contributed.
Thanks for the years of continued support!
John Batdorf