Batdorf CD Update

Hey guys!

The CD is progressing nicely. I am now in the “add drums” part of the process. Tom Walsh will be providing that instrument. I am still waiting for two singers that are sick to sing backgrounds on the CD. All the acoustic guitars are done and so are my vocals. Bill Batstone, Andrea Robinson, Matt Batdorf, George Merrill, and Lily Wilson are all singing or will be singing soon. Phil Parlapiano played accordion, Mark Browne and Bill Batstone played bass, and Michael Dowdle has added electric, acoustic guitars and mandolin. I have some dobro and a few other instrumental overdubs to do and that will be that.

For those who have been so generous to support, I have just sent them an mp3 comp of the earliest demo of three new songs with me just throwing out random lyrics mixed with melodic “do dos” for reference. That demo cross fades about half way through right into the latest version of the song which still isn’t mixed or finished but I thought that this might show how the song writing/producing process goes. This is a part of the making of a CD that very few people that aren’t directly nvolved rarely hear. I hope you enjoy this. It’s something I have shared with only a few before! It’s kind of like seeing someone who has always looked great in the past, and now you are getting your first glimpse of them with bad morning hair and before make up!

We are still trying to raise additional funds and I again want to personally thank those of you who already have supported this project!