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When I was young I loved TV,
It took me places, set me free
Every week my mind was blown In the Twilight Zone
It took me one more step beyond,
Far beyond where I’d ever gone
Oh I loved every episode in the Twilight Zone

How could I be so affected
Why did this show so connect with me?
So well produced, so well directed
Stories with such scary endings

Except this story of a man
Who worked as hard as three men can
But his world came crashing down
He was lost in his hometown

Then the story, changed direction
Leaving outbound on this mystery train
When he woke, upon reflection
He felt like his old self again

All the sudden things had changed
Seems the world’s been rearranged
He felt happy as can be, in this place called Willoughby

Smiling faces, no more rain
Wouldn’t trade this
Not for anything

Never forgot that story line
Cos it so reflected mine
For 40 years I stayed around now I’m lost in my hometown
So we took a leap of faith moved onto another place
And now we’re happy as can be ‘cos we found our Willoughby
Yes we’re happy as can be oh yeah ‘cos we’re here in Willoughby
We’re as happy as can be.

John Batdorf, Bat Mac Music BMI
©2017 All Rights Reserved


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