Single-I’ll Let Roy’s Song Carry Me Home



I love the fact that in this digital age, songwriters can release their new material within weeks of the original idea which for me was approximately 5 weeks ago. This song was inspired by the sudden life threatening health issue that was discovered out of the blue and man did my life’s perspective instantly change. This song kept haunting me and begged to be written. Not knowing my long term future was, I went into my studio and with Michael McLean’s help, “I’ll Let Roy’s Song Carry Me Home” became my potential “Happy Trails” song. At this point, the real life ending is a lot happier than the song’s ending but I love when real life becomes art. Thank you all for the support!

I'll Let Roy's Song Carry Me Home

The Talent:
John Batdorf: Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Piano, Bass and Percussion
Michael Dowdle: Electric Guitars
Bill Batstone: BGVs
Scott Foxx: Fiddle

I’m not a wannabe cowboy
And I’m not at home on the range
I like to fish, but that’s about it
And Cowboy hats make me feel strange
But the road took a turn that surprised me
And I’m more than just down on my luck
If I was a drinkin’ man, I’d probably take my van
Down to the bar that’s surrounded by trucks
Though I never liked country songs much

So I can’t soothe my soul in a bottle
My woman I’d never forsake
I’m not church goin’ and God isn’t showin’ me
Where guys like me catch a break
So I’m here on the highway just drivin’
But I’m feelin’ Roy Rogers nearby
He’s smilin’ at me and singing a melody
And I’ll be damned if I know why
It kind of makes me wanna cry

And the wind is whispering a farewell, all night long
But there’s something comforting me in this darkness
It sounds in my head like some old country song

I stop for gas and pick up a soda
I pull back onto Route 70
A deep brand of lonely got his arms round me
This ain’t how the end’s supposed to be
But then Roy and Trigger are with me
And showin’ the trail I should go
This one ain’t happy as I hoped it could be
But I don’t feel so all alone
I’ll let Roy’s song carry me home


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