Single-Famous Enough



This is a song about me and my musical journey that thankfully continues!

“I never got paid the megabucks, but I was famous enough”.

Famous Enough

The Talent:
John Batdorf: Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Piano, Bass and Percussion
Michael Dowdle: Electric Guitars

I never had a million sellin’ record
Or a song that topped the charts
But I was Touched by an Angel
And my music touched some hearts

I wasn’t the biggest rock star out there
But I shared the stage with some
I sang my heart out every show
And man did I have fun

And I … often hear folks ask me
Why I…didn’t soar much higher
And I…have a very honest answer
I never got paid the megabucks
But I was famous enough,
I was famous enough

I never had a private limo driver
But the story that I tell
I drove myself to the Oscars
Then I sang with Adele

I signed a record deal with Atlantic
And was welcomed to the fold
They gave that new guitar
I used in Muscle Shoals

Still I…often hear people ask me
Why I spent my life freelancing
And I have a very honest answer
I really liked bein’ my own boss
Cause I was famous enough

When we started a family near forty years ago
No fans would hang out round our door
But I kept writin’ songs in between all the little league
How could I ask for more

My fame never turned me into something
I know that I’m not
I never longed for something
That I’ve not already got

When I started on this journey
I never really knew
That I’d have friends come out to hear
What I still love to do

And I … often hear folks ask me
Why I love to sing so much
And I…have a very honest answer
I found some fans that seem to love my stuff
Cause I was famous enough
Guess I was famous enough
‘cos Earle Bailey played my stuff


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