Single-Don’t Waste The Waiting



We spend so much of our lives waiting for something to happen but deep down we know dreams only come true if we don’t waste the waiting.

Don't Waste The Waiting

The Talent:
John Batdorf: Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Piano and Percussion
Michael Dowdle: Electric Guitars
Chad Watson: Bass Guitar

We wait to share our lives with someone. And then we wait for them to change
We wait to start a family til it’s perfectly arranged
We wait for that new job to open. And see if we have made the grade
And then we wait to see how much that will get paid

How much of life is wasted waiting Waiting to see if dreams come true
Or if the things that overwhelm us, Will be what prevents us all, From making it through
I believe it’s time for reevaluate this thing, we should know
Dreams only come true If we don’t waste the waiting

You’re waiting for true love to find you You’re waiting for your Prince to come
You’re waiting for someone to say that You’re the only one
You’re waiting for your ship to come in You’re waiting for the storm to pass
You wait for promises and pray they’re gonna last


And every morning the choice we’re making
Will we move on or just keep on waiting What are we really waiting for?

You’re waiting for someone to hear you You’re waiting for a helping hand
You’re waiting for the plane to reach the promised land
You’re waiting for the gates to open You’re waiting to be welcomed in
You wait to sing a song of peace on earth again



Oh it’s true Dreams only come true
If we don’t waste the waiting


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