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  1. Area D Dave

    I have been listening to Batdorf & Rodney for over 30+ years- their music, lyrics, and guitar always seem to bring me to tears….so beautiful! Simply the best……(heavy sigh….) 🙂

    • John Batdorf

      Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Keith G

    I have to agree. So magical. I just finished listening to “Can You See Him” again and its hard to explain how it seems to light my brain on fire and send shivers of pleasure through me. I sent the link to the song to my daughter. I just can’t imagine anyone not having the pleasure of experiencing this.

    • John Batdorf

      Music can be pure magic. I am so glad the song still affects you in that special way!

  3. Barry Rosen

    “Home Again” from the first Batdorf & Rodney album has been one of my all time favorite songs. That was nearly 50 years ago and it’s still great! Thanks, John!

    • John Batdorf

      Thanks Barry. One thing however, Off The Shelf was our first album in 1971 and this album was released in 1972. Glad you found yourself Home Again!

  4. Kyle B

    I cannot remember the exact year that I saw Batdorf and Rodney, but I think it was 1973 at the Civic Center in Salem, VA. I had never heard of them before – they were the backup band – but they left a huge impression on me. Remember, I had never seen them before, but I remember distinctly the last song they played was Let Me Go. I could not get that beautiful intro and Mark’s melody on the interlude out of my mind. My local record shop did not have Off The Shelf, so I bought their second “Batdorf and Rodney” album. I had never heard acoustic guitars played, produced, or recorded that way – ever. I loved electric music of the era…but THIS WAS DIFFERENT. (Don’t get me started on the string arrangements!) I was hooked…and I’ve been hooked for 46 years. When I want to bask in the feeling of clean, clear, positive, complex, harmonious, well recorded, well performed music John and Mark’s music is on my short list.

  5. Bob Knight

    This was a seminal album for my musical partner and I. We were a Southern California acoustic duo, and sought out music from you guys, Seals and Crofts, Cecilio and Kapono, Loggins and Messina. In many ways, your music was the “best and the brightest,” and was SO acoustic guitar driven that we just wanted to listen (and play it) all the time. Thank you for all the great music.

    We are now going into our 50th year, and have recorded (just for our own legacies) a collection of our favorite music, which includes a cover of “Between the Ages.” The string arrangement on that tune easily drives us both to tears, and there’s no way we can replicate that. But one thing has always made us curious: “string arrangement on Batdorf and Rodney “Between the Ages: Jimme” Who the heck is “Jimmie?

    Thanks for reading. Best to you always!

    • John Batdorf

      Thank you so much for the note. I do appreciate the recognition. Jimmie Haskell was one of the top arrangers of the time. He also worked on Ode To Billy Joe and Bridge Over Troubled Waters to Name a few. The work he did on our second album was stellar. I was there when the strings went down and it filled me with such emotion. Unfortunately he passed away a few years back. He was a fine gentleman and a legend in the music world.

  6. Warren Tanner

    Hi John, I’m nobody in particular, just a fan 🙂 I’m 65 now. As soon as I heard you guys on the radio (if I have the timeline correct, I was 17) I called everywhere, found your first album and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Not to get too weird on you but, Can You See Him helped me along on my journey to faith in Christ a couple of years later. I was saved (born-again), went to Bible College, and entered the ministry for all these years since. I don’t know if Can You See Him was meant to intentionally put out what I personally got from it, but it did and I’m grateful. Just played some of your songs, again, for two of my sons. I sent my youngest son (not so young anymore) a couple of songs off of YouTube. One of my sons still remembered the words and the guitar playing as he sang along. Your music never gets old and is dateless. I have been grateful to you two for many, many, years. Thanks so much, Warren

    • John Batdorf

      Thanks so much for the note. I am doing a Facebook live concert today at 3 Pacific.

  7. Dennis

    I remember buying this album (self titled) when it first came out.
    Home Again is one of my favorite songs of all time!
    This album still blows me away.
    Your songwriting is stellar, the acoustic guitars shimmer, the playing (including the Bass and drums) is spectacular and your arrangements are spot on!
    I bought this record when I was 18 years old.
    It sounds every bit as brilliant as the first time I put it on the turntable.
    I’m really surprised that more people don’t know about this great album?

  8. David Wnuk

    I listen to Batdorf and Rodney when I want to listen to something very mellow and beautiful. The music is great and I have 7 of John’s solo albums which are also excellent. I will look forward to the new music and of course, will be purchasing it!

  9. Peter Schleichkorn

    Fantastic music over all these years
    Makes me smile

  10. Larry Hillmann

    Been loving you guys since the 70’s I got Off the shelf in my ear right now.
    I had the pleasure of seeing you guys once in Vegas, at Moby Grape I think. Thanks for 100’s of hours enjoyment.

  11. Catherine Suan

    Batdorf and Rodney was the opening act for Kenny Rankin, at the Waikiki Shell back in the 70’s. I remember how fantastic it was, and your music is still grand as it was back then. Thank you very much, for sharing your music. It’s still a big part in my music, today!

  12. George Berk

    I absolutely LOVE this album. Still play it a lot after all these years. I feel You & Mark should have been as big as Seals & Crofts & other duos of the 70’s. Any chance of a reunion concert with Mark? Or better yet, how about a new album. Today’s music is terrible. A new Batdorf & Rodney album would certainly lift up my spirits & a lot of other music fans.

  13. Carl Belnap

    I bought life is You in 1975 I am blind and walked miles to get the record with My Cane.

  14. Michael Grabowski

    I first discovered Batdorf and Rodney in the very early 1970’s in Los Angeles on the old 93 KNX radio station. I immediately got on the phone and called every guitar player I knew and told them to find a way to listen to you. The way you and Mark played off each other is incomparable to anyone else I’ve heard over the years save maybe one other band from the same time as you guys. Anyway I bought your very first album brand new and still have that album today some 50 years later. Of all the albums I have and I have a lot, Batdorf and Rodney is the one I listen to whenever I truly want to get lost in the music. Thank you for all the wonderful hours of superb listening. At the age of 71 I am finally getting back into playing guitar again after a 25 year hiatus. I use tablature to get my fingers under a piece of music and unfortunately TAB is almost impossible to find for your music.

    • John Batdorf

      Thanks so much for the note. I am so glad you are back playing guitar again. If you need any help with tunings, capo settings or anything else, ask.

  15. Andy

    Wonderful songs. John if you see this I’ve always wanted to know how to find the chords to ‘By Today’. I love it. Is it done in an alternate tuning and/or are you using a capo somewhere? I used to sing ‘Poor Man’s Dream’ to my gf. Love all your stuff. Please never stop creating.

  16. Patrick

    I just stumbled on their music a few days ago…..great stuff! Why did I not know about them, back in the late 60’s, 70’s??? Their music is really unique and beautiful….reminds me a bit of Seals & Crofts. So glad I discovered their music.

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