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3 reviews for Batdorf & Rodney

  1. Area D Dave

    I have been listening to Batdorf & Rodney for over 30+ years- their music, lyrics, and guitar always seem to bring me to tears….so beautiful! Simply the best……(heavy sigh….) 🙂

    • John Batdorf

      Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Keith G

    I have to agree. So magical. I just finished listening to “Can You See Him” again and its hard to explain how it seems to light my brain on fire and send shivers of pleasure through me. I sent the link to the song to my daughter. I just can’t imagine anyone not having the pleasure of experiencing this.

    • John Batdorf

      Music can be pure magic. I am so glad the song still affects you in that special way!

  3. Barry Rosen

    “Home Again” from the first Batdorf & Rodney album has been one of my all time favorite songs. That was nearly 50 years ago and it’s still great! Thanks, John!

    • John Batdorf

      Thanks Barry. One thing however, Off The Shelf was our first album in 1971 and this album was released in 1972. Glad you found yourself Home Again!

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