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4 reviews for Batdorf & Rodney

  1. Area D Dave

    I have been listening to Batdorf & Rodney for over 30+ years- their music, lyrics, and guitar always seem to bring me to tears….so beautiful! Simply the best……(heavy sigh….) 🙂

    • John Batdorf

      Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Keith G

    I have to agree. So magical. I just finished listening to “Can You See Him” again and its hard to explain how it seems to light my brain on fire and send shivers of pleasure through me. I sent the link to the song to my daughter. I just can’t imagine anyone not having the pleasure of experiencing this.

    • John Batdorf

      Music can be pure magic. I am so glad the song still affects you in that special way!

  3. Barry Rosen

    “Home Again” from the first Batdorf & Rodney album has been one of my all time favorite songs. That was nearly 50 years ago and it’s still great! Thanks, John!

    • John Batdorf

      Thanks Barry. One thing however, Off The Shelf was our first album in 1971 and this album was released in 1972. Glad you found yourself Home Again!

  4. Kyle B

    I cannot remember the exact year that I saw Batdorf and Rodney, but I think it was 1973 at the Civic Center in Salem, VA. I had never heard of them before – they were the backup band – but they left a huge impression on me. Remember, I had never seen them before, but I remember distinctly the last song they played was Let Me Go. I could not get that beautiful intro and Mark’s melody on the interlude out of my mind. My local record shop did not have Off The Shelf, so I bought their second “Batdorf and Rodney” album. I had never heard acoustic guitars played, produced, or recorded that way – ever. I loved electric music of the era…but THIS WAS DIFFERENT. (Don’t get me started on the string arrangements!) I was hooked…and I’ve been hooked for 46 years. When I want to bask in the feeling of clean, clear, positive, complex, harmonious, well recorded, well performed music John and Mark’s music is on my short list.

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