My Kickstarter Campaign For “Side ll” Has Been Launched

I have officially launched my Kickstarter campaign for my new six song EP entitled “Side ll”. I am so proud of the work and can’t wait to share it with you all here in my 50th year anniversary of being a recording artist! If you would want to help make this release the best it can be, please click on the link below and share it with as many people that love music.

Thanks for five decades of support!

John Batdorf

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  • Michael Hays says:

    John Batdorf’s newest “magical” song, off is brand new EP, SIDE II, “Daddy Doesn’t Love You….” has, after 50-years of me following this good friend of mine and whom I have Idolized the entirety of those #50-Years writing songs and making albums, has at 70-yrs. old (just shy) …continued to find the musical symmetry of tugging at my heart strings about a Father and his Family (Melanie his wife, Brett and Matt (twins) and their Grandkids, on a family vacation they took in Hawaii a few months back.

    The song encapsulates a Father’s lifetime of being one of the best musical artists still around, and all those #50-yrs. writing and sing songs, putting out somewhere along #20-LP’s, Albums, Disk, EPs’. He just kept up with the changing times and hit a “homerun” of a tune that brought tears to my eyes, doing the same thing with wife, children (#2), now grandkids, John has proven the point that you are as only as strong as you allow yourself to never get discouraged, never give-up, and followed the work ethic of never getting discouraged or giving -up to still raise his entire family as a Father most of all! “DADDY DOESN’T LOVE YOU…” hits the keynote worthiness of life and taking care of his family. John once told me, “It was never about the money, Mike, it was always the music and following my heart to seek it’s magic I was born with! This song, on SIDE II EP captures the humility and heartfelt reason John has succeeded in everything he does, musically. Happiness can only exist in accepting one’s inner soul. I cannot wait until the next #5-#10 EP’s he puts out, which I believe he is bound to do. Anyone who has followed him from the beginning (Batdorf and Rodney, 1971), I hope can humbly accept my love of this song as a 70-Yr. old Father and a lifetime of Love, Peace and Happiness and like the stars, you don’t always see them but with songs of this nature, you know they are always there.—-Mike Hays

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