2019 and Beyond


Happy New Year everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted anything so I thought it was time for an update. Since my last shows of 2018, I have been busy writing songs here in my studio in beautiful Central Oregon. I just can’t help myself! I am still promoting “Me And My Guitar” and the reviews have really been great. I want to try something a little different musically this time around. Instead of writing and recording a full CD which takes up to a year, I want to start releasing songs as they are done. My plan is to release two at a time and when the time comes and there is enough material, I will make a CD of all of the releases. Writers write songs about where they are in the life in that moment and it seems a shame to wait a year to share them. I am really close to releasing the first two, “Broken” and “I Know What Girls Like”. To help fund the projects, I will be doing another Kickstarter campaign which many of you have supported in the past and many thanks to you all!
I start back out on the road in February with a solo house concert near Sacramento and head down to LA where James Lee Stanley and I will be doing four shows. The rest of the spring and next fall are filling in nicely which even includes a show with Mark Rodney at Wildwood Springs Lodge co-billed with Brewer and Shipley. You can check out all of the shows on the link below. Hope to see you!


I just added the brief history of the band Silver that you can read on my website on the link below.


Last but not least, all of my music can be purchased from my website in either CD form, my favorite, or as a download. I encourage all to try to buy music directly from the artist!


Thanks again for the nearly 50 years of support! John Batdorf