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John Batdorf  

Sunday, April 23rd 2017
Time: 3:00pm
Hamilton Park House Concerts

Staten Island
Phone: (718) 815-0815.
All Ages United States
Admission: $20.00.
Box office: (718) 815-0815. This will be my first time playing in this series. I will be doing a 90 minute set.Hope to see you there! (718) 815-0815

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Review of Next Stop, Willoughby

by Dennis Wasnich

With his latest CD release, John Batdorf has offered us a kind of “re-invented” John Batdorf in a sense. Part of this was necessity as he chose to play all of the instruments this time around, but part also is undoubtedly a result of his fresh perspective brought by moving his home base. The result is a sparse, but musical and immediate, more introspective flavor of songs than usual, not that either of these is new, but rather they have been brought to the forefront of the effort.

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