Singing With Adele On The Oscars

Just wanted to share a cool experience I am so happy to be a part of. I was asked to be part of the Oscars this year as a background singer for Adele. Her song Sky Fall is up for best song. I am singing in a men’s choir with 31 other fantastic singers along with Adele’s band and background singers and an orchestra. She is so awesome and the song is great and the sound of it all together is fantastic. I am very happy to have been called for this. It’s been a fascinating experience so far and there’s two more days to go! The choir will be on camera live but, we are all so buried behind her band and the mini orchestra that you might be able see us barely through the crystal curatins, the light show and the fof but we’re there!!!!

BTW, we are all wearing tuxedos……that’s a first for me for sure.

Enjoy the show and Adele. I think she is going to win an Oscar!

John Batdorf