“One Last Wish” is Almost Done

Well, it’s going on a year now since I first started writing songs for the CD that is just about done. It has been quite a year full of surprises. As many of you already know, I had a major voice issue starting last October, and I am just now feeling like I am most of the way back; thank God! Scary, not being able to do the thing I have loved all my life. The down time did allow me to concentrate on writing, and write I did. I am very proud of this collection of songs and can’t wait to share them with everyone.

This year was filled with sadness as well as joyous news. A dear friend of mine, David Schoolman, passed away. I had known him since I first came to California in the late 60s. He was always a great friend and supporter of my career and I will miss him. It was a year that unfortunately brought cancer to friends and family, as well as Alzheimer’s disease. It also brought news of a first grandchild from my son Brett and his significant other, Lilly Gonzales. It also brought news of my son Matthew’s wedding plans with Danielle Warburton. I know this all sounds a bit like those holiday letters we all hate, but I only reference them because all that has happened in this year is reflected in the songs. This CD is completely different from Old Man Dreamin’ but so is my life!

The new CD has some great singers and players on it and I’d like to mention who has participated so far: Dan Navarro, Bill Batstone, James Lee Stanley, Brett and Matthew Batdorf, Steve Smith and Stephen Smith, Michael Dowdle, Tom Walsh, Chad Watson, Mark Brown and there is more to come. My old buddy Jimmie Haskell, one of the most famous arrangers in the world, is writing a cello part for the song ‘Forgotten’. Jimmie worked on the second Batdorf and Rodney CD and wrote fantastic string arrangements for ‘Happy Town’, ‘Between The Ages,’ and ‘Let Me Live The Life’. I am truly honored by his willingness to participate, and the same goes for all of the above mentioned talent. I just wrote a new song, ‘Don’t Give Up On Dreams’, that I will record this week and while it was unplanned, it is a perfect fit for this CD. I also want to thank the supporters who have pre-bought the CD so that I can do the best job I can do to make this my best record ever. There is more stuff to record and I am still trying to raise money to help finish this CD. You can participate by clicking on the link below. I also want to thank Russ Paris for helping with the website, and Jeanette Lundgren for doing all she does.

It won’t be long now!

John Batdorf