Old Man Dreamin’ Is Finally A Reality!

It’s taken almost one year to date, but my new solo CD, Old Man Dreamin’ is now released to the world. I hope that all of you enjoy listening to it as I did creating it.
I would like to acknowledge and thank all of the folks who so generously donated their time, talent and money in support of the making this solo a reality:

Michael McLean
Dan Navarro
George Merrill
Bob Kivi
Nickie Stoica
Gary Falcone
Andrea Robinson
James Lee Stanley
Harry Stinson
Matt Batdorf
Steve Bauman
RMJ Productions
Mother Hen Promotions
Russ & Julie Paris
Ron Sarfaty
John & Donna McTernan
Tom Greuling
Douglas West
Jennifer & Jim Weiss
Paul H Mannes
Jeff Ferguson
Kelpie Powers
Tom Leatherwood
Bruce Hackett
Charlette & Phil Fuggetta
David Platt
Steve Smith
David Schoolman
Jeff Robertson
Joseph Cooper
Stan Little
Sigi Nagys
Pierre Marchal
Mark Tamashiro
Kevin Hains
Ilene Reinhart
Hollie Ashworth
Charles Montrose
Marilyn Hansard
Jack Frieden
Roger Wheeler
John Borzilleri
Richard & Betty Stewart
Larry Boyce
Gary Kochan
W. Scott Nienkamp
Donna (Gen) Baker
jamon zeiler
Thomas Ritter
Michael & Barbara Pisani

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