Next Stop, Willoughby Fall Update

Hello from a burning and smoky Central Oregon. It was a wonderful summer here at the eastern base of the Cascades until early August when lightening strikes began starting wildfires here as well as in Idaho, Washington, Montana, California, Canada and the list goes on. Sadly after a 22 year run without a hitch, it was just announced that the Sister’s Folk Festival is officially cancelled for this upcoming weekend. Friends in the Gulf states have been hit and are about to get hit again by another devastating hurricane. All of that without mentioning what the heck is going on in the rest of the world. Yikes! Well, we all know that music can act as a great healer when things are tough and this will certainly be a big test.  I set out on the road again starting September. (See below) I will start back promoting my newest CD, “Next Stop, Willoughby”. I am currently working on a music video for the title song, “Willoughby” but all the smoke has prevented us from shooting outside. All the interior shots are done and we are just waiting for that beautiful blue sky to come back. I have had several reviews, all positive, from the new CD and here is the latest from the San Diego Troubadour.

Because of limited outdoor activities, I have started a new project that I have tentatively entitled, “Me And My Guitar”. I am picking, and you are welcome to help, 20 songs that I have recorded over the last 46 years and make a basically unplugged, stripped down, underproduced record. The point is to hear the songs how they were originally written as well as how they are currently played at my live shows. Because of the success of Wham Bam from Guardian’s Of The Galaxy ll movie, I have re-recorded that song because the original version has over 4 million views on Youtube!!

I also have an acoustic version of “Somewhere In The Night and It’s Gonna Be Alright”. After I return from my tour in late October, I will start the process of picking and recording all of the others. I hope to have it all done by late spring 2018. I sure hope to see some of you again this fall!! John Batdorf