New EP Review From Alternate Root Magazine.

From The Alternate Root Magazine:

Folk music and John Batdorf are a natural match. John’s voice rings like a bell, clear and strong, the perfect marriage for chiming guitar strings and the inspirational optimism of his words. The recent E.P., An Extraordinary Ordinary Life, is touched with the same charisma and chords that have carried John Batdorf along over five decades of performing and recording. Care triumphs over mere curiosity when John Batdorf open An Extraordinary Ordinary Life with “I Wanna Know”.
The opening of “Choose to Receive” is a hushed confidence before John Batdorf takes the track from a whisper to a scream as he leads a charge towards live to your fullest. Happiness flies like the fiddle riffs in “Tone Deaf and Two Left Feet” for the singing/dancing couple in the storyline as a Folk Rock rhythm drives “She’s So Lonely”. An Extraordinary Ordinary Life stocks its title track with inspiration as John Batdorf leads a charge, The Folk minstrel pied piper as life coach, championing each and every step we take away from our comfort zones.