My latest CD is in the works

An indie artist like myself wears many hats. I am my own record company recording studio owner, producer, engineer, publisher, promoter, publicist, travel agent, booking agent, manager, touring and recording artist, and I am sure I have forgotten a few others. Sometimes it’s overwhelming, but unlike the 70s when I was in Batdorf and Rodney and Silver, I don’t have to do songs the record company used to make me do. I get the last word on my record and last but certainly not least, when I sell product, I actually get the money!! The only downside to all of this is that when indie artists make a record, the majority of artists have to pay for it themselves. It has become a common practice for artists like myself to ask their fans to help finance the record. I have pre-bought artist friends’ records to help them get through the recording process without mortgaging their children! When you think about it, I was going to buy the record when it was released so what the heck, I send them $25.00 which is only a few dollars more than the regular cost and when it’s done, I am one of the first to get it and it will be signed by the artist. I think that’s pretty cool. All it takes is for 1000 fans to pre-buy the CD and the artist has a comfortable budget to make a really good record. You may wonder why it is that if I do the majority of the work, just where is the need for funding? Here’s a brief breakdown. I usually pay everyone who plays or sings on my record, usually $100.00-200.00 per hour or tune; I hire a real engineer to mix, usually at $50.00 per hour; I master at Capitol Records, over $2000.00; and the manufacturing and shipping costs over $2000.00. For my last CD, Old Man Dreamin’, I hired a radio promoter which ran $400.00 a week for 16 weeks not to mention sending out close to 200 CDs with one sheets etc. I don’t want to bore you with stats but once you see what we are up against, that $25.00 or whatever you may choose to contribute really goes fast. I have started the production process and could really use your help ASAP. As even more incentive, you will be the first to hear the music in it’s many stages of production. Please support indie artists like myself. We are like HBO next to Network TV. We are the cool guys creating music the major record companies choose not let you hear!
Please send your pre-order contributions via PayPal ( and use
Thank you so much!
John Batdorf