Music For A New Day!

Hello and thanks again for supporting Me And My Guitar! The original release was last May and with the help of a radio promotion campaign on Airplay Direct, the music was played by several radio stations all over the world. I took the holidays off but will start a new campaign March 1st and go after the stations that didn’t pick up on the record the first time. It will run continuously from March into May.

It’s amazing how much listening habits have changed since the days of vinyl. I used to love opening up a new album, throw it on the turntable, maybe take a hit or two and just be consumed by the music with no interruptions other than reading the credits and lyrics. It was like a religious experience. Well records turned to CDs, another great way to hear music at it’s highest resolution and then came iTunes which compressed the music to 10% of what it was intended to be heard at. That certainly killed record and CD sales but at least people were buying there favorite music again and playing on cheap earbuds allowing any outside noise to interfere wuith the artists’s music. No one seemed to care as they could have thousands of songs on their iPod and pick and choose at will. I have to admit, I did the same thing instead of lugging around 100 CDs! But what was the cost of that accepted trend?

Artists no longer were selling CD and their cut of the mp3 market was a substantial loss in income artists like myself depended on. Well what the hell, people were buying new music and the musicians just had to suck it up if they wanted to keep doing what they loved, making new music!

Life continued like that for a while and suddenly a new format arrived on the scene, Spotify! Now the consumer didn’t even have to download the music as they could hear virtually ever song on the planet if they subscribed. Well there went the download sales. Not only that, Spotify pays so little for streaming that often times the postage is greater than your 500 plays folks were able to stream.

But, this is not a rant from an old guy who used to walk to school in the snow uphill to and from! I have decided to change the way I will distribute new music. From now on, I will release two songs digitally over the period of say a year and a half, and for concert purposes, eventually make a CD of the songs that were released during that time. One cool advantage to this idea is that the release of the music will be current with what I am writing about now. My deal will be to write, record and distribute as soon as the recordings are ready.

I have been busy with the new music and have finished two songs that will be mastered in LA tomorrow at Capitol Mastering. They should be first available for download off my website until they get into the big music machine as we know it. If you want to hear it first, check my website in a few days and they just might be available!


The two new songs are: Broken and I Know What Girls Like


Happy listening

John Batdorf