Moving Forward

Hello and thanks for the support. Just wanted to update all of you now that summer is ending and it’s back to work time….lucky me!! Me And My Guitar is making some noise on the radio and Pandora liked it and picked it up and that’s a good sign. Over the summer I have done a few shows but have also updating my One Sheet from 2013 and my website has had a complete overhaul and both came out great. The one sheet was designed by Jessica Agg and the website was done by Matt Lindi. Both are exceptional and I highly recommend them to anyone needing this kind of work. I am trying to get a video done but I am torn by what song to do and I would love your suggestions. I head out to Texas for a few shows and then it’s off to the SWRFA conference in Austin. It’s where a few hundred musicians all gather in a hotel and show their stuff in the hopes of a gig! I am booking some cool new shows already for next year and hope to see you at a concert down the road, or better yet, host your own house concert. They are fantastic!

As for the future, I am thinking about writing and recording single songs and releasing them immediately after they are mastered. I figure after 10 or 11 songs are done, I will make a composite CD of those singles. It’s way less monetary stress plus the music is now as opposed to a year or so after it was written. I’d appreciate your thoughts as well!