Heading towards Autumn

Here it is mid August and we are heading for one of my favorite seasons, fall. After a scorching summer it’s nice to have the air cool down somewhat. It is my favorite time to fish! The big browns are on the move and I plan to slow a few of them down if only temporarily. I am also into my fourth month of working on my new CD. It is finally coming together with six new songs having lead vocals and many acoustic guitar tracks. After returning to the road and performing again, my song writing perspective has changed a bit. When I did my first solo EP, Side One, I had been working on that CD before I ever got involved with James Lee Stanley and the CD, All Wood And Stones. I am again realizing just how powerful a great song, great vocal and slammin’ acoustic guitar can be. I am very pleased with the new Batdorf/McLean collaborations and I think anyone that has enjoyed our previous works will really appreciate the metamorphosis that has taken place. I am adding background vocals as we speak with George Merrill and Bill Batsone who happen to be two of my favorite singers on this planet as well as anxiously awaiting Mark Rodney’s LA trip so we can redo the likes of Home Again, Ain’t It Like Home, Is It Love and possibly, Can You See Him. Realistically, the CD won’t be done until January but I am working as fast as I can and will put up examples of the work when it is done. I honestly believe that this is my best work. I guess I am just a late bloomer…………..