Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

Thank goodness 2020 is almost in the rear view mirror. It has really been some kind of a year. Here’s hoping the vaccine can bring an end to what has arguably been the darkest moment I have lived in my lifetime! Be well and stay safe! Other than our health, the only good to come out of this year is my CD, Last Summer. Thank goodness for music!
“Last Summer” Video
This has been the first year in fifteen years I have not been able to share my music live in person with you all and man do I miss it.
The next best thing is owning the music and listening to it in it’s highest form, a CD! I am reducing the price on many of my CDs to $12.00 down from $20.00 which is actually lower than the download price with the hopes that you will be inspired to hear the music the way it was meant sound! You can’t buy my music any cheaper than directly from me and if you want, I will autograph as many as you want.
Here’s to a new year filled with hope!
“Hope Is Everywhere” Video
Blessings to you all and have a great holiday season!
John Batdorf