Feb 2006 News

Well, here it is mid February and James and I are waiting for the All Wood And Stones concert DVD to get finished. In the meantime I have booked myself here in LA at several venues as “An Evening with John Batdorf And Friends”.

The first show went fantastic at Gayle’s Perks. My song writing buddy, Michael McLean joined in and so did ex-Silver member Greg Collier. Also joining us onstage was Michael’s son, Scott who is in the process of making a CD with his brother Jeff.

Many old friends, some who I have not seen in years, showed up and for three hours, the guitar was passed around and all involved showcased their many talents.

I have several more solo gigs coming up and I must say I am really enjoying it! If you are in the LA area, come on down and check out the show.

All the upcoming shows are listed on my schedule page and on the John Batdorf Yahoo site.