Home Again is on the air!

Home Again is now being played on FM and internet radio. My biggest surprise came when I was singing over in Hawaii, I found out that XM Radio has also started playing the CD. The Loft, XM 50 is playing “Where Are You Now” and “I Don’t Always Win”. Deep Tracks, XM 40 is playing “Can’t Be Trusted”. I can’t express the happiness that brings to me. I am certainly not an automatic add on XM. While they have been so supportive of Batdorf and Rodney’s three albums and “All Wood and Stones” by James Lee Stanley and myself, this marks the first solo airplay that I have gotten on XM. Thank you Mike Marrone and George Taylor Morris and everyone else who has started playing “Home Again”! (:

First Review for “Home Again”

JOHN BATDORF/Home Again: Funny thing about the music biz that never changes, you can have all the auspicious beginnings you want but the next step is to get hot or go home. 35 years after putting Batdorf & Rodney to rest after some of the most auspicious beginnings, Batdorf catches up with his roots and re-examines the cult band that faded away but didn’t die. After moving on and successfully wearing other hats, a spate of reissues caused Batdorf and Rodney to come to light again and was the genesis of this set that brings old and new together. Even 35 years on, Batdorf is running with the heart of a kid and adds wisdom to the old songs while adding wonder to the new. A singer/songwriter with more on the ball than a lot of today’s crop, this set is a welcome return home again. Whether an old or new fan, it’s well worth checking out.

Chris Spector
Midwest Record Recap
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