Tuesday, January 1st, 2008 7:03 PM

Happy New Year everyone. This past year has been very fulfilling and my goal is to make 2008 even better! Many thanks to everyone for fantastic support. It was so nice to meet many of you this year and even greater to perform at house concerts which were hosted by Paul Mannes in Arlington, Chris Abood in Cleveland , Walt Fogle in Seattle, Bev and Greg in Campbell, Doug West on Maui, Marty DeJarnette in Charlotte, Pierre Marchal in Penryn, and Russ and Julie in Oak Park. The Far West conference was held near Portland this year and Mark Rodney joined up with me to perform many showcases! It was Mark’s first conference and he had a blast. I want to also thank Melanie, Jeanette Lundgren, Charlette Fugetta, Jackie Batdorf, Mike Hays and Rich Curiel, Dave Schoolman, Steve Smith, Bob Kivi, Bill Batstone, CareyDriscoll, Peter Holmstedt and others have unselfishly donated their time help me achieve my goals. This year, my solo CD “Home Again” will be re-released on a new label, Novatunes. Their roster has a talented group of artists including Jackson Browne, Graham Nash to name a few. Novatunes call themselves “the record company for the 21st century”, and with their passion and hard work, I believe it can be possible. Iam thrilled to be part of Novatunes. The International Folk Alliance Conference will be in Memphis, Feb. 20th to the 24th. I have been selected to perform my first showcase and I am very happy about that. I will also be performing several guerilla showcases as a solo and with James Lee Stanley. Mark Rodney and myself recorded a live show at XM Radio in November which will be released as a CD in the spring. The CD also will include two brand new songs that will be recorded in the studio. We plan to support the new CD and I will continue to support “Home Again” and “All Wood And Stones”. I hope to see you out there at a show some time this year.
John Batdorf

Batdorf and Rodney at XM Radio

Mark Rodney, Bill Batstone and myself recorded a live concert yesterday for The Loft, XM 50 on your XM Radio dial. There was no audience and we played many of the songs from the first two Batdorf and Rodney Records. It is a little strange not having an audience but we spoke about the past and tried to set up each song with a bit of nostalgic information. The shows are described as warts and all because even though we were in a recording studio, there were no fixes or overdubs. The only re-records were another full pass at a song if the mistakes were beyond warts and all. Over all I thought we all did a pretty good job! The show is scheduled to air in February which is good timing for us. The plan is to release the XM show as a live B&R CD in the Spring of 2008. As a bonus, I have written two new songs that will be recorded in the studio and be the first new Batdorf and Rodney recordings since 1975. I really want to thank all of the folks at XM Radio, especially Mike Marrone, George Taylor Morris, Jerry Rubino, Earl Bailey, and countless others for all their support. Mike started playing Batdorf and Rodney records from his own burned CDs before they were re-released! XM Radio has continued to support “All Wood and Stones” as well as my newest solo CD, “Home Again”. Thanks XM for allowing this music to get rediscovered!!!!!

On another front, a brand new self described “record company for the 21st century”, Novatunes has signed on artists like Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, Leon Russell and several more acts including myself. I think they have come up with a great new concept in selling music. Check out their site below.