Old Man Dreamin’ Is Finally A Reality!

It’s taken almost one year to date, but my new solo CD, Old Man Dreamin’ is now released to the world. I hope that all of you enjoy listening to it as I did creating it.
I would like to acknowledge and thank all of the folks who so generously donated their time, talent and money in support of the making this solo a reality:

Michael McLean
Dan Navarro
George Merrill
Bob Kivi
Nickie Stoica
Gary Falcone
Andrea Robinson
James Lee Stanley
Harry Stinson
Matt Batdorf
Steve Bauman
RMJ Productions
Mother Hen Promotions
Russ & Julie Paris
Ron Sarfaty
John & Donna McTernan
Tom Greuling
Douglas West
Jennifer & Jim Weiss
Paul H Mannes
Jeff Ferguson
Kelpie Powers
Tom Leatherwood
Bruce Hackett
Charlette & Phil Fuggetta
David Platt
Steve Smith
David Schoolman
Jeff Robertson
Joseph Cooper
Stan Little
Sigi Nagys
Pierre Marchal
Mark Tamashiro
Kevin Hains
Ilene Reinhart
Hollie Ashworth
Charles Montrose
Marilyn Hansard
Jack Frieden
Roger Wheeler
John Borzilleri
Richard & Betty Stewart
Larry Boyce
Gary Kochan
W. Scott Nienkamp
Donna (Gen) Baker
jamon zeiler
Thomas Ritter
Michael & Barbara Pisani

Old Man Dreamin’ To Be Officially Released June 11th!

My new solo CD, Old Man Dreamin’ is done and will be off to manufacturing as soon as Wednesday. It all started last May, June and July when I went on a writing spree. I started recording the CD last November and finished the last mix last Tuesday, May 5th. I have listed the credits and song titles below and will have the CD available for pre-sale as soon as the artwork is done and I can post it on my site. I want to thank all the incredible talent and the supporters who helped this project happen. I really hope all of you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it!
John Batdorf

Produced and Arranged: John Batdorf
Lead and BG Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Piano and Percussion: John Batdorf
All songs: John Batdorf/BatMac Music BMI_Michael McLean/Shining Star Music ASCAP
Additional Vocals: Dan Navarro, Harry Stinson, George Merrill, Bill Batstone, Gary Falcone, Lily Wilson, Andrea Robinson, Matt Batdorf, Michael McLean, James Lee Stanley, Steve Bauman
Accordion: Phil Parlapiano
Electric Guitars: Kevin Dukes, James Harrah, Michael Dowdle
Additional Acoustic: Michael Dowdle
Mandolin: Michael Dowdle, Fred Sokolo, Luke Halpin
Dobro and Banjo: Fred Sokolo
Fiddle: Luke Halpin
Lap and Pedal Steel: Greg Leisz
Bass: Mark Browne and Bill Batstone
Drums and Percussion: Tom Walsh
Engineered: John Batdorf and David Appelt
Mixed: David Appelt
Mastered: Ron McMaster at Capitol Records Mastering
Photos: Bob Kivi
CD Art Design: Bob Kivi and Nickie Stoica

Song Sequence:
What D’Ya Got
Love: All I Really Know About It
That Don’t Seem Right To Me
I Fall To Pieces
Will I Love You Forever
Old Man Dreamin’
I Thought I’d Try A Love Song
Ain’t No Way
Don’t Tell Me Goodbye
I Will Rise